The start of a company assignment is the time to create a new Wildnote project. To get started you simply set up project information, surveys, members, and locations. You can always adjust the setup as the project grows.

Four Steps to Successful Project Set-Up

From your PROJECTS view, click the big green NEW PROJECT button. Then complete the information on the four tabs as described below.


  1. 'Name' your project. 
  2. Leave the 'Status' as “Active.”
  3. 'State,' 'Wetland region,' and 'Location label,' are optional.
  4. Select your 'Company.'
  5. Click SAVE to access the other three tabs.


Locations are optional. They are available as a special list that can be used in your survey forms. Each location item in the list can have metadata which is available in reports.

  1. Enter 'Locations' that you visit repeatedly.
  2. Complete the metadata for each location. 
  3. Click SAVE.

For more information on locations, see "Utilize the Power of Project Locations."


  1. Create new surveys or modify existing surveys. For more information on survey forms see:
    "Create a Survey Form"
    "Fine Tune your Survey Form"
  2. Select the 'Linked' checkbox next to the desired survey forms to assign them to a project.
  3. Click SAVE.


  1. Select the 'Linked' checkbox next to the team members who will collect and/or manage data on your project.
  2. Select the 'Role' for the member as it relates to the current project. See "Manage Project Member Roles" for more information.
  3. If you do not see a team member in the list you will need to "Invite a Team Member to your Company Projects."
  4. Click SAVE.

That's it! Now you and your team can get started collecting data and reporting it to those who need it.

Note: After setting up a new project, team members need to download the Wildnote mobile app from Google Play or iOS App Store so they can begin collecting data. See, "Getting Started with the Mobile App."

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