In Wildnote, all data is grouped in projects. Learn how to attach your survey forms, invite project members, assign roles, and attache reference documents. And gain an understanding of project details or properties and how they can help you organize data in your company.

Set up the Project Info and Optional Project Locations

Watch the video below to understand some of the details or properties associated with your project. You will also learn how to set up Project Locations. Locations are an optional super list that can be used to associate additional data with specific locations or sites. The additional data such as contact information or lat/long can be delivered in exported reports. 

The backbone of data collection is the set of surveys. Watch this video to learn how to link existing surveys to your project, add surveys from the Wildnote library, and create surveys from scratch for your project.

Adding and managing Members to Projects and Attaching Documents

Part of setting up a project is getting the right people on the job. In Wildnote project members are assigned roles: project admin, field lead, or field user. Since roles are assigned at the project level the same user could have different roles on different project. The video also touches on attaching documents to the projects so that the members can see reference material out in the field.

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