In this module you will walk through a couple exercises that will help you with your “user roles” and “mobile updating” skills. This module will give you an introduction to the administrative side of Wildnote, it's a warm up for a bit more administration down the road. You are also almost half way through this amazing program, keep up the great work!

Key Goals

  • Invite new users, add them to projects, manage their roles.
  • Include the same individual under 2 different companies.
  • Understand what the device type means and how to work with it.
  • Find a user’s Wildnote version and walk them through the update process.
  • Understand the implications of updating the Wildnote version on a mobile device.


All of the information you will need to complete the following exercises can be found in the reference material at the bottom of this article.

Users and Roles

  1. If you have not already done so, create a test user. You can either use a secondary ID for yourself or invite a colleague, friend or favorite pet.
  2. Take the archived project (“My Old Project”) that you made in Module 2 and switch it back to active.
  3. Add the test user to both of your projects. Make them a Field User in the “WCP Your Name” project and an Admin in the “My Old Project” project.
  4. * Have the test user sync the projects on the phone and send you a screenshot of the “WCP Your Name” project.
  5. * What do you notice that is different between the “WCP Your Name” project on your device verses the “WCP Your Name” project on the test user device?
  6. * Would you expect to see a similar difference in the “My Old Project” project? Why or why not?

Device Types and Wildnote Versions

  1. * What is the process for updating an iOS device with the latest version of Wildnote?
  2. * What is the process for updating an Android device with the latest version of Wildnote?
  3. * Submit a photo that shows the version number on the Wildnote app on your mobile device. 
  4. * What should you always do before upgrading the Wildnote version on your mobile device?


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