As stated in the Introduction to this training, the WCP is designed for individuals who want to be experts within their own company and/or certified representatives who can support other companies. In this module, you will focus more as a consultant in a support role for a company that is using Wildnote. This module is also helpful for those who will be in-house experts in order to help support and manage their own company.

Key Goals

  • Understand survey form ownership.
  • Maintain your master survey library.
  • Bookmark projects as favorites.
  • Set up the framework for a large company using Program features. (only available for Superusers at this time)


All of the information you will need to complete the following exercises can be found in the reference material at the bottom of this article.

  1. * As a WCA you will likely be creating survey forms for customers. Imagine you have created a survey form that you plan to reuse for multiple companies. Describe a way that you could maintain a master copy and reuse it for your customers. Do not assume the survey will be available from the Wildnote survey library.
  2. * What field(s) would you need to change to accomplish the task described in the previous section? 
  3. * When you are managing multiple projects for multiple customers it can be cumbersome to navigate to their projects. Submit a photo of a shortcut that could help you jump to a customer site.
  4. * What is a good way to monitor the health of a customer’s account in Wildnote? 
  5. * Make some suggestions to the customer that does not seem to be using their Wildnote account to help get them back online


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