First Steps:

For first time users:

  1. download the Wildnote app from the app store,
  2. log in with the email and password that you set up, and
  3. perform a Sync All
  4. All projects you are assigned to will show up in a list with the Project Name and a file folder icon.


  1. Touch the file folder icon for the project you are collecting data for.
  2. Touch the drop down list at the top of the screen and select the survey form you will be filling out.
  3. Touch Start Collecting Data

NOTE: by default, if your survey form is built with sections and repeaters, it starts in a collapsed state. To reveal the questions in a section, simply touch the chevron symbol to the left of the section/repeater name. Alternatively, you can Expand All questions (and Collapse All questions) by touching the chevron symbol to the left of the survey form name.

Saving for Success

  1. Wildnote does NOT auto-save your data for you. There is a SAVE and SAVE & EXIT button on your screen at all times. As you enter data, hit the SAVE button frequently.
  2. If you need to navigate away from Wildnote, SAVE before accessing another app or page. If you don't do that then you risk losing your data should your phone or the Wildnote app shutdown unexpectedly.

Syncing for Success

  1. In the morning, before going out into the field, perform a Sync Project if you are working on a single project that day, or a Sync All if you are updating and working on multiple projects. These are two-way syncs between the mobile device and the web application (cloud) where data changes are both sent from mobile and retrieved from the web application.
  2. At the end of the field day, Single Sync each individual data sheet by touching the brown circular arrows to the right of each survey. A Single Sync is a one-way sync from the mobile device to the cloud. While this may seem tedious, it is the best way to ensure complete data transmission without interruption.

Updating for Success

If you can, set your mobile device to auto-update Wildnote as new releases come out. We are constantly adding new features and fixing any bugs that are reported by users like you.

Hidden Treasures for Better Workflow in the Field:

  1. If your survey form has sections, then you can easily jump from section to section by touching this symbol in the top left corner of the survey.
  2. If you are in a survey and want to get out without saving changes, touch the Project Name at the top of the screen.
  3. If you are using iOS, you can swipe left on a survey to perform several actions including duplicating a completed survey.
  4. To duplicate a completed survey on Android, open the survey you wish to duplicate, touch the 3-dot menu, and select Duplicate.
  5. When in a Project, or a survey, touch the 3 dot menu to select Map View. Then touch the 3-dot menu again to toggle dropped points and project locations on and off.
  6. If you touch a project location pin in map view, you can start a new survey.

Common Issues and Fixes:

  1. App unexpectedly shuts down. There are a variety of reasons that the app may shut down. There may be a bug that needs to be fixed, or something that occurred on your mobile device. So long as you have been saving as you go, your data will be there when you reopen the app. If you encounter the issue more than once, please report it to so we can address it.
  2. Sync time-out. If you are trying to sync a large amount of data over poor connection, the sync may time-out. The app may shut down as a result, or your data will simply stay unsynced. Wait until you get to better connectivity, and try again.
  3. The project that you are working on is not in your project list. The most likely reason for this is that you are not attached to the project.
  4. The survey form that I need to use, is not in the list. The most likely reason for this is that the survey form is not attached to the project.
  5. The changes I made to my survey form are not showing on my mobile app. You must make sure to perform a Sync Project to get any changes made on the web app on your mobile device.

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