When designing a new survey, it is a good idea to think about the needs for the data and the final output. Will you export the survey records directly to PDF for your stakeholders, or will you be analyzing the raw data in Excel? Just because you have been using a paper form for all these years doesn’t mean that your survey has to be designed the same way. Think about ways to streamline your data entry with hide/show rules and to increase the accuracy with drop-down lists.

Perhaps your survey has different sections with information that belongs together. The first step to creating a section is to:

  1. Select ADD QUESTION
  2. For 'Question Type,' scroll to 'Design' and select 'Section.'
  3. In the 'Question Text' field, name your section.
  4. Click SAVE.
  5. Now you can begin creating the questions that go inside your section.
    As you create the child questions, simply grab the 2 square icon, and drag the question on top of the section. You will see the section bar turn golden and the question will be indented under that section. You can put as many questions in a section as you wish.


Another nice feature is the “Repeater” question type. If you are collecting a similar set of data over and over, then the repeater is the way to go. When using your mobile device to collect data, both Repeaters and Sections can be expanded and collapsed so that your form doesn’t get long and cumbersome. A repeater is similar to a section in that you place questions inside of a repeater “container."

  1. Select ADD QUESTION
  2. For 'Question Type,' scroll to 'Design' and select 'Repeater.'
  3. In the 'Question Text' field, name your section.
  4. Click SAVE.
  5. Then create your questions and drag them over the “Repeater” bar until it turns golden. Just as with the Section.

Sort your Question Order
As you add more questions, use the up/down arrow icon to sort your questions.

PRO TIP: To see how your survey looks while you are creating it, open the survey in another instance of Wildnote. See image below and steps that follow.

  1. Open up another tab in your browser and launch another instance of Wildnote.
  2. Open the project and to to PROJECT ADMIN > SURVEYS
  3. Put a check next to your new survey.
  4. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the list and click the SAVE button.
  5. Now you can create a survey record with the new survey form and check the changes as you edit. Select MANAGE DATA > REPORT & EDIT.
  6. Select your new survey from the drop-down list labeled 'Surveys' to see the survey.
  7. As you make changes and build your survey, you can simply switch browser tabs and refresh the screen to see those changes.

Note, All of the question types require some type of question text. But sometimes that question text doesn’t appear anywhere. For example, when you select a “line” (which simply puts a horizontal line between things, whatever you call the line, doesn’t appear.

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