WCA Module 01 - What is Wildnote?


Congratulations, you have just started training that will make you a Wildnote expert! Each module will have a little intro like this, it will give you a bit of a preview of what can expect to will learn! 

This module is an intro to the Wildnote platform. You will explore the Dashboard and important locations on the website. You will also create a project that you will be using throughout the training.

Key Goals

  • Understand the elements of the Wildnote platform and its functionalities.
  • Tour the Sample Projects from the Dashboard.
  • Access the Photo Gallery.
  • View exported reports.


All of the information you will need to complete the following exercises can be found in the reference material at the bottom of this article.

The Wildnote Platform

  1. * We will start with a submission of a video or audio recording of yourself describing the key functions of Wildnote. Keep the recording to around 1 minute. Make sure you cover the main functions depicted in the Wildnote flow diagram:  collecting data, creating projects and surveys, managing the data and photos, and generating reports. (See note below)

Note: This first exercise might pull you a little outside of your comfort zone, but we want to make sure that you are comfortable describing the key functions of Wildnote to those around you. Also when you have done this, the rest of the training will be a breeze!

Your First Project

  1. Create a Project that you will use throughout the WCP. 

          a. Name it: “WCP Your Name
          b. Set your company setting to: “Enable Wildnote Survey Data Access”
          c. Supply link to your new project.

  2. From the Sample Projects on the Dashboard. As you are navigating in the sample projects, find and submit screenshot images of the following:

          a.  List of submitted surveys
          b. * An individual survey with data
          c. * The Photo Gallery
          d. * List of Exported Reports


  1. * Signature
  2. * Date


Help Articles: 



  • Dashboard Basics (coming soon)
  • Explore a Sample Project (coming soon)

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