WCA Module 04 - Basics of Survey Form Creation


You are about to start creating and editing some survey forms! This module is the first of two modules that test your abilities to build robust survey forms. The form-building capabilities of Wildnote are one of the reasons it is so versatile and powerful for data collection. You are going to start basic, and in the next module, you’ll go a little deeper into the nuances of form building.

Key Goals

  1. Implement three methods for survey form creation and understand the best time to use each method.
  2. Understand the fields in the survey form builder and where to get more information.
  3. Know how to update a survey form that has existing data.
  4. Visualize as you edit a survey form.
  5. Reorder survey questions individually and as a group.
  6. Create a repeater.


All of the information you will need to complete the following exercises can be found in the reference material at the bottom of this article.

Survey Form Creation and Basic Editing

  1. * Name the three ways to create a survey form in Wildnote.
  2. You’ve already created two survey forms to add to your project by copying them from the Wildnote library. Create a new one by copying your survey called “My Compliance Report”. Rename the survey to “My Compliance Report w/ Lat-Long”. This is now a blank copy of “My Compliance Report” this form and can be modified as desired.
  3. Make the following edits: add a Latitude/Longitude field between Notes and Photo(s) and name it “Exact Position of Observation.” Make sure you move it to the proper level to be included in the “Observation” Repeater.
  4. Create a new survey from scratch. Name your new survey “My Sample Form”. Include fields in the document called “SampleForm.jpg” which can be found in your project documents. We suggest that you use a repeater for the grid portion of the form.
  5. * Submit a photo of a split-screen with the form in the survey editor on one side and the form as it would appear to the Project Manager when reviewing the data on the other.
  6. * Where can you find a helpful explanation about any field in the survey form builder?
  7. * Submit a photo of the new survey on your mobile device.


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