WCA Module 10 - Onboarding Companies


This module will help you gain a better understanding of the big picture of how Wildnote works for companies. You will demonstrate your understanding of pricing options, big picture setup, and implications of survey data ownership.

Key Goals

  • Guide your customer to the appropriate Feature set and Payment Style.
  • Visualize the big picture to set up companies and projects.
  • Understand the implications of enabling and blocking Wildnote Survey Data Access.


All of the information you will need to complete the following exercises can be found in the reference material at the bottom of this article.


  1. * Recommend a Wildnote package to a small environmental consulting company with seasonal work. They have 8 biologists and 1 project manager. They are out in the field only 3 months of the year.
  2. * Describe Wildnote pricing options for a large corporation. They have offices all over the country with a variety of seasons. They plan to start with Wildnote in their office working on Wetland restoration. If that goes well, they want to expand the platform to the rest of the corporation.
  3. * Submit a video with a response to the following customer request. “We use ESRI as our master data repository, but we struggle with their survey apps. Can Wildnote interface with our GIS database? How would it work?”
  4. * What is the difference between Pro and Pro+?
  5. * What are the main features that set the Enterprise licenses apart from the Pro?

Project Implementation

  1. * What are some key questions you should ask before setting up a project?
  2. * Layout a plan for a typical project in your field of expertise. You can submit the plan in the form of an outline or a diagram or a combination. Include the key elements you listed in the previous question.
  3. In your “WCP My Name” project, set up the “Locations” to be used for tracking survey status or progress.
  4. * Submit a photo of your survey list that includes the new “Status” field.

Data Ownership

  1. * How would you set up a team of marine biologists heading out on an expedition? Each biologist will be collecting data on a separate project. They all send their data to the same agency
  2. * The expedition team will only have internet connectivity every 7-14 days. What considerations can you help them with?
  3. * Is the Wildnote data shared outside of the project team?
  4. * Who owns the intellectual property? Is this owned by me- the user, or does Wildnote own any of the IP in the app?


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