Can I be logged into two mobile devices at the same time?

You want to carry a back-up field device in case one malfunctions - can you be logged into Wildnote on both devices at the same time?

It is common for users to carry two devices in the field - for example, a personal phone and a company iPAD. You can log into Wildnote on both devices, but you need to follow a specific procedure to maintain data integrity and keep from inadvertently overwriting your data or losing data.

How it Works

When you log into a device, Wildnote looks to make sure that you are an authorized user and issues a authentication token. If you log into a secondary device with the same credentials (user name and password), the same authorization token is associated with the second device.

Proper Syncing for Parity Between Devices

If you collect data on both devices, you will want to Single Sync (brown circular arrows) all data from both devices. Once all data from both devices has been successfully synced, then perform a Project Sync or Sync All (for multiple projects) on both devices to create parity.

Logging Out

Because the authentication token is the same for both devices, if you log out of one device, the connection to the server is terminated. So, if you have un-synced data on the other device, you will encounter a sync failure (UPE code). Your credentials have to be reinstated and the token re-authorized. 

Follow these steps if you need to log out of one device:

  1. First, single sync all data on both devices.
  2. Second, log out of both devices by going to Projects list page>3-dot menu> Sign Out
  3. Third, log back into the device that you want to continue using.