Understanding the Key Functions of Wildnote

Wildnote provides a mobile app for collecting data and a web app for managing your projects and associated data.

Depending on your responsibilities, you may be creating survey forms for others to use, you may be going out to the field to collect data, and you may be compiling data in reports to share with others. 

The image below gives you a high level view of how Wildnote helps with your data collecting, organizing, and reporting.

From left to right:

1. In the office on the web app:

  • Admin Creates the Survey Forms
  • Sets up projects with user roles, surveys, and locations

2. In the field, on a mobile device:
Data Collector: 

  • Inputs the Data and 
  • Syncs to the Cloud

3. Data Collector or Subject Matter Expert analyzes and exports the data. 

  • Update survey records with additional information.
  • Review photos from the Photo Gallery.
  • Analyze data from Excel exports.
  • Share data with stakeholders with: Excel Pivot, Excel Sheet, Photo Sheet, KML, MS Word and PDF formats

4. In Email or on the web:
Customer consumes the data from reports or other exports.