Videos: Setting Up Your Company-wide Resources

Although data in Wildnote is organized by projects, some resources are used across multiple projects. The videos below show you how to set up the company information such as name and logo, and system users.

High Level Administration of your Wildnote Account is Managed in Company Settings

Some of your company administrative information is common to many of your Wildnote data collection projects. For example your company name and logo, the users that have access to the system, and the billing account status will all be managed at the company level. The video below familiarizes you with the available administrative settings.

Managing Company Users and User Roles

From the "Settings\User" page you can see your current users, their contact information, and your company admins. Watch this video to see how to edit any of the details, including adding or removing company admin privileges. You will also see how to can invite new users to your company.