Videos: Project Overview

Project-based organization means all of your member roles, survey records, photos, locations, and reports are accessible to you in one organized space. You can work on multiple projects and let Wildnote keep the projects organized for you.

Project Based Approach and Setup

In Wildnote, all of the project information, survey template forms, member roles, locations, survey records, and photos for a given project are in one place. Watch this video to see how to set up a project and so your project members sync their devices and start collecting data on either their smart phones or tablets. 

How to and Why Change a Project Status from Active to Archived

From the "Project Admin/Info" page you can change a project status from active to archived. When archived all of the project data is still available from the Archived tab of your Projects page on the Web app. However the project will no longer be available from the mobile app. This can be useful to manage a project as it moves out of the data collection phase and into analysis and report delivery.