Videos: Overview and Details of Managing Survey Data

Watch the videos below to become familiar with managing survey data on the web application. The topics we cover are from the Manage Data menu: "Review & Edit," Photo "Gallery," "Maps" View, "Documents."

Overview of Managing Survey Data

If you are a Project Managers or anyone who reviews, manages, edits and exports data, you will find the functions in the "Manage Data" menu. Access and Edit your Data through the "Review & Edit," Photo "Gallery," and "Maps" options. Deliver reports (pdf, Word, kml, Excel and custom) from the "Export" option.

Details on Review, Edit, Delete, and Export Data Operations

From the Review & Edit screen you see a list of surveys that have been completed in the field and uploaded to the cloud. Surveys from all personnel can be reviewed, edited, deleted and exported as reports. You can also create new surveys for testing and reloading to save time in the field.

Details and Functions of the "Review and Edit" Screen

Watch this video for an in-depth description of features and functions available from the "Review and Edit" screen. Understand the use of the sort columns: ID, Survey Form (name), Survey Date, Location, Created (date), and Updated (date). You will also see the functions that are available: Review, Edit, Delete, and Export.