Videos: Exporting for Reports and Analysis

Learn about the five standard exports that come with all Wildnote subscriptions.

The videos below walk you through the Export window. You will see five standard exports (Survey Report PDF, Data Sheet Report Excel, Pivot Report Excel, Photo Sheet PDF, and KML) that come with every Wildnote subscription, a box that says "Exported Reports" where all previously exported data is available, any custom exports that your company may be using, and an option to request a new report.

While the videos below show a slightly older interface, the functionality and process remains the same.

Overview of Exporting Project Data

From the Export Screen, you can create many types of reports, from pdf and word, to Excel and pivoted Excel, KML for map data, and Photo Sheet. We also offer specialized reports such as Wetland Determination, Archaeology, and California Native Species Forms (CNDDB).

How to Create and Export a Survey Report in PDF

The standard PDF export is basically a paper output of what you seen when you view your survey. From the Export screen, you click the "Survey Report (PDF)" report type then select the surveys by survey ID or date range. The report is output to the cloud and you can retrieve it by clicking on the "Exported Reports" button on the Export page.

How to Create and Export Excel Data Sheet and Excel Pivot Reports

Watch this video to see how to generate the two types of Excel Reports. The Data Sheet Report displays each question in a row and runs top to bottom just like the surveys. The pivot report swaps the axis so the questions become columns and rows contain answers from surveys. By stacking the answers from multiple surveys in rows, you can more easily analyze the data.

Exporting a PDF Photo Sheet

This video demonstrates the steps for exporting project photos associated with  a specific survey form. You can export the photos in a 2-up format which includes metadata for: project name, survey ID, survey date, user, latitude, longitude, and photo description/caption. The 4-up lays out 4 photos per page with only the photo description/caption.