Search Projects for Specific Survey Records

Find your surveys by searching on date range, location, user, and question type/answer. Then view, edit, and export from the search results.

First you specify the survey form. Then enter the search parameters: date range, location, user, and question type and answer or a combination of both. From the resulting list you can view and edit survey records. You can also export one or many survey records from the list by checking the box and generating the export.

Watch below to see the Basics of Survey Search.

  1. Select Manage Data\Search.
  2. Select the Survey Form you want to search.
  3. Check out the results.
  4. If the list is still too long, refine the search by filling in search parameters.
  5. Pick the survey from the short list to view, edit or export. 

Pro Tip
: You can also search by survey ID. This could be useful if you are a project manager and track the surveys by ID.