WCA Module 02 - Project Basics


In this module, you will explore the basics of projects. You will learn how to add surveys to a project, sync data between web and mobile, upload project documents, collect data on mobile, export completed survey reports, and archive projects.

Key Goals

  • Understand the benefits of the project-based organization of Wildnote.
  • Update your project in Wildnote; add surveys and members.
  • Upload Documents
  • Sync your project and collect data to your mobile device.
  • See how a Project Manager in the office can review data that has been collected in the field.
  • Access the Photo Gallery.
  • Export Reports.
  • Archive a project and understand the implications.


All of the information you will need to complete the following exercises can be found in the reference material at the bottom of this article.

Project-Based Data Organization

  1. * In your own words, describe how Wildnote organizes data in projects. Include an example of how a fictitious company might organize 2 projects with both shared and unique members and surveys. How would a project manager benefit from the project structure when they review surveys, look for photos, and export reports?

Adding to your WCP Project

  1. Import the “COMP-01 Compliance Report v2” Survey Form to your WCP project. Rename it to “My Compliance Report”.
  2. Import the “BIO-07 Vegetation Monitoring Report v4” Survey Form to your WCP project. Rename it to “My Vegetation Monitoring Report”.
  3. Add a member to your project. Suggestion: It is helpful to create a test user with fewer privileges than you have as the WCP. If you have a second email it would be handy to use it as the test user. Send yourself an invite, then add the second ID as a test user for your projects.
  4. * What type of documents can you upload to Wildnote projects?
  5. Upload 3 documents to your project.

Collect Data

  1. Sync your WCP project to your mobile device.
  2. Complete three separate surveys of “My Compliance Report” (with at least three Observation repeaters) and two surveys of “My Vegetation Monitoring Report” in your project. Make sure you take several pictures to include in the surveys. (Note: don’t worry about the Locations drop-down right now, we will cover project locations in the next module)

Review the Data

  1. * Submit a screenshot of the list of survey records that you completed in the previous step.
  2. * Submit a screenshot of the photos from the Photo Gallery.
  3. Export all three “My Compliance Report” surveys to one PDF file.
  4.  Export all three “My Compliance Report” surveys to an Excel pivot report.
  5. * Submit a screenshot of a list of the exported reports.

Archiving a Project

  1. * Create a second project called “My Old Project”. Provide a link to the project
  2. Link both of your company surveys to the project.
  3. Collect data using your mobile device. (One set of data per form, a total of two completed forms)
  4. Export one pdf report of “My Vegetation Monitoring Report”.
  5. Archive the project.
  6. Re-sync your mobile device.
  7. * Make note of what is different, why it is different, and how this could be advantageous for members out in the field.


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