WCA Module 03 - Utilizing the Power of Locations


Locations are a powerful tool for organizing survey data in Wildnote. In this module, you will walk through creating locations and using them to sort surveys. You will also learn to use locations for filtering exports.

Key Goals

  • Understand the Project Locations feature and how are why it is more powerful than other lists.
  • [missing an exercise] Ad a write-in option for your Locations.
  • Sort surveys with Locations.
  • Filter exports with Locations.
  • Use a file to import a long list of Locations.
  • Assign a custom name for Locations at the project level.


All of the information you will need to complete the following exercises can be found in the reference material at the bottom of this article.

Basics of Locations

  1. * Describe the concept of Locations. What are they? How do you set them up? What makes them different from other lists? Describe four benefits to using Locations.
  2. Add Locations to your project.
  3. Update your existing survey records by entering Locations data into each of them.
  4. * Submit a photo of your survey records sorted by Location in alphabetical order.
  5. * Submit a photo of your survey records sorted by Location in reverse alphabetical order.
  6. * Submit a photo of a list of exports filtered by one of your Locations.
  7. Explain why you do not see any entries in the Location column for the “My Compliance Report” surveys.

Advanced Concepts for Locations

  1. Change the Location label to “Site”.
  2. Import 100 Locations into your project.
  3. * Describe how you would handle the need to have a separate list of Locations for two different survey forms. Hint: Is this possible to do within a single project?


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