WCA Module 09 - Reporting


Data is only helpful if it gets to the right people in a form that they can digest. In this module, you will explore reporting options and demonstrate your skill in helping the customer deliver excelling results.

Key Goals

  • List the available Report Types and when to use them.
  • Request custom reports.
  • Enable specialty reports.
  • Filter exports by location.
  • Understand the standard and checklist report layouts.


All of the information you will need to complete the following exercises can be found in the reference material at the bottom of this article.


  1. * List the 4 standard report types and what they are used for.
  2. * List 5 specialty reports and what they are used for.
  3. * How do you enable the specialty reports? (This is a bit of a trick question. You may need to consult with Wildnote Customer Support for an answer.)
  4. Send a request for a new report. Make sure you indicate that this is an exercise for the WCP class. 
  5. * Submit a screenshot of report parameters that includes a Location filter.
  6. * Explain why you might see the option for filtering by Location on your “WCP your name” project but not on the “My Old Project.”
  7. * Which report(s) offer the layout options for Standard and Checklist? What does it mean?
  8. * Describe the ways that Jason Caskey benefits from the Wildnote reporting capabilities as described in the Case Study about his company.


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