How to Change a Taxon List

While the Wildnote wetland 4.0 forms have the USACE Regional Plant Lists, you might want to change to a state plant list. Here's how.

Changing the taxonomy list in a regional wetland form.

Each Wetland survey form template has 4-5 questions for plant species: Tree Species, Sapling Species, Shrub Species, Herb Species and Woody Vine Species. Each of these lists needs to be changed to the corresponding state where your work is being performed.

  1. If you have just completed the prior step, select the SURVEY FORM LAYOUT tab. If you are completing this step at a different time, Go to PROJECT ADMIN>SURVEY FORMS and select edit on the wetland form you will be using.
  2. Scroll down to the 'Vegetation' section and click the small down arrow to expand the section.
  3. Within that section you will notice sections for each of the vegetation types. Click the small down arrow to expand those sections as well.
  4. Find the question 'Species' and 'Taxon single select with search' under each different species type.
  5. Click the EDIT button to the right of the taxon question.
  6. Open the 'Data Source' dropdown and scroll to your state USDA plant list. NOTE: the state USDA plant lists contain the US Army Corps of Engineers' 2018 Wetland Plants with their corresponding indicator statuses.
  7. Click SAVE.