How to Connect Wildnote to a Trimble R1 or Eos Arrow Bluetooth GNSS Device

Receive high accuracy waypoints in any Wildnote survey by pairing with a Trimble R1 or Eos Arrow device.

If you are using any Eos Arrow device or a Trimble R1 during your field data collection, and are using Wildnote on the same mobile device paired to that unit, you can easily receive the higher accuracy points into any survey form with a latitude/longitude question.

Connecting to Devices

  • iOS should automatically connect to any paired Eos GNSS Bluetooth device. If the connectivity state of the device changes while the app is running, this should be reflected automatically. Wildnote will default to using the internal GPS (referred to as CoreLocation) if a GNSS device is unavailable. NOTE: Trimble R1 is currently unavailable for iOS mobile devices, but should be released soon.
  • Android should automatically connect to any paired Eos GNSS Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth drivers for Android are less friendly than those for iOS, so it might not connect automatically in all situations. If the device disconnects while the app is running, it will automatically switch to the Android internal GPS. If a device comes online while the app is running, Wildnote will not connect to it automatically. The “Connect to GNSS Device” button will need to be used, which is found in the 3 dot menu within a project.

UI Changes

  • On iOS and Android, a small line of black text is added underneath the question text for lat/long, photo, and video questions, indicating the location data source.
  • On Android, added a “Connect to GNSS Device” option to the 3 dot menu in the survey edit view. This can be used to manually trigger a device connection in situations where Android will not do so automatically.
  • Latitude and longitude is now be displayed to eight decimal places.