How to manually enact the 5% Rule in Wildnote for Wetland Delineations

Because Wildnote supports all 10 wetland regions, and the 5% Rule does not consistently apply across all regions, we allow the user to manually enact the 5% Rule when applicable.

To manually enact the 5% rule, customers may follow these steps after entering species data in the survey.  This rule applies to every stratum in a survey which totals <5% Absolute Cover.  For illustration purposes, “A” refers to a stratum that totals less than 5% cover:

  1. In the section “Dominance Test Worksheet”, turn on the checkbox, "Manually calculate Dominance Test Worksheet"
  2. In each species repeater in stratum “A”, change each Dominant Species answer to "No".
  3. In the section “Dominance Test Worksheet”, adjust the number or % of dominant species in each field to remove those from stratum “A”.
  4. In the section “Hydrophytic Vegetation”, adjust the indicators settings as needed for Rapid Test and Dominance Test.
  5. In the section “Hydrology”, adjust the indicator setting as needed for FAC-Neutral.

(Note: ALL strata are used in calculating the “Prevalence Index”, regardless of dominance status.)