Videos: How to Build your Survey Forms

Survey Forms are the backbone of your Wildnote projects. Creating useful survey forms will help you collect data in the field efficiently.

Watch the videos to learn out to create survey forms from scratch, by copying pre-built forms from the Wildnote survey library, and by duplicating and adjusting your other survey forms. In addition we show you how to optimize your survey forms with conditional logic to hide and show questions and how to organize the survey forms with sections and repeaters.

Creating Survey Forms and Adding them to Projects

Watch this video to learn the basic steps for adding survey forms to a project. You will see three options: copying a survey form from the Wildnote library, creating one from scratch, and duplicating one that is already in the list and modify it.

Jump-start your project by utilizing the Wildnote survey library

Creating survey forms from scratch can take a lot of time. Fortunately we offer an extensive library to speed up the effort. Once you copy a survey form from the library you can use it as-is or modify it to suit your needs. Watch this video to see how to get started with a survey form from the Wildnote library.

Basics of Creating a New Survey Form from Scratch

Watch this video to get started creating a brand new survey form. We show you how to create the survey form, what details are required, and how to attach the new survey to your projects.

Understanding the Details or Properties Associated with Survey Forms

In this video we show you how to edit survey form details, what details are required, and how to attach the new survey to your projects. The survey details such as version, status, and description are helpful to manage the list of surveys in your company and projects.

Designing Survey Forms and Understanding the Question Types and Layout Options

Watch this video to learn about survey question types and how to organize them into useful and efficient data collection tools. We show you how to add questions, describe the uses for the variety of question types, and how to organize them using sections and repeaters.

Use Sections, Repeaters, and Hide and Show Rules to Design Great Survey Forms

In this video we show you how to organize questions in a survey form for to make data collection efficient. We demonstrate a useful split screen approach to editing and viewing the results. And we share design tips that utilize sections, repeaters, and conditional logic to hide and show questions based on previous answers.

Organize and Simplify Survey Forms with Repeaters

Often in the field we collect the same set of data over and over for a given specimen. Instead of creating a very long form you can set up a Repeater or sub-form to group the data. Out in the field, the data collector simply adds a section as they find another specimen.

Sections Help Organize Survey Forms for Speedy Data Collection

Watch this video for a demonstration of organizing your survey questions by nesting related questions in one Section. In the field the data are not only grouped together logically, they can also be hidden or revealed by clicking on the up/down arrow.

Use Conditional Logic to Hide and Show Questions and Simply Data Entry

Wildnote allows you to set up conditional logic rules on questions in your survey forms based on your collection needs. This means you can dynamically show or hide fields, sections or repeaters based on answers to specific questions. You can set a condition on any field, section, or repeater.

Why and How to Duplicate a Survey Form

Why reinvent the wheel? If you have a survey that is close to what you need you can duplicate it and modify it to save time. This video walks you through the steps to duplicate survey forms. It also describes scenarios when you would want to duplicate such as: modifying question types but not wanting to delete existing data, or keeping slightly different survey forms for multiple projects.