How to Track Issues By Flagging Answers on a Wildnote Survey Form Template

Track open issues with the Issue Tracker by utilizing flagged questions. Keep issues from falling through the cracks.

Those tasked with tracking environmental compliance on projects will benefit from using the Wildnote Issue Tracker. You can flag the answer to any question in your survey form, and the surveys with that answer will display in your Project Dashboard in the Issue Tracker feed. The flagging works on any type of question and is particularly useful for questions addressing topics such as mitigation measures, spill events, SWPPP events, non-compliance issues, new nests, or buffer requests.

How to flag a question:

  1. Go to the survey form template that contains the question you want to flag. (Project Admin>Survey Forms)
  2. Click Edit to open that form.
  3. Navigate to the question and click Edit.
  4. In the question modal box, scroll down to Flagged Answers.
  5. Enter the answer you want flagged to appear in the Issue Tracker. If there is more than one answer, separate by a comma.
  6. As soon as you re-save the question, you'll see a list of surveys with that answer appear in the Issue Tracker on your Project Dashboard.