Are photos included with the ESRI GDB file type?

Photos are not automatically included, but these steps will allow you to upload your Wildnote photos to ArcGIS and join them with your data.

  1. Add the GDB and Tabular export types to the list of available exports under Project Data>Export.
  2. Run the GDB export if you want to join the Survey data with the photos. (Skip this step if you only want to upload the photos with their meta data to a map layer.)
  3. Run the Tabular export for the same data set and check the box that says Include Photo Index. 
  4. The Tabular export will contain a tab called Photo Index.
  5. Download all photos from the Project Gallery (Project Data>Gallery>Download All Photos)
  6. Upload and join data in ArcGIS using the Survey ID, Photo # and Photo Coordinates.