How to Use the Photo Log Builder

Photo management is a powerful tool in Wildnote. Our photo log builder easily allows you to create a custom photo report and include exactly the data you want with your photos.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and with Wildnote incorporating photos into your deliverables just got even easier. Our photo log builder now has enhanced features that allow you to design a variety of photo log templates within a single project to accommodate all of your reporting needs. 

  1. Start by adding the Photo Log Builder export to your available export types. Open your project and go to Project Setup>Export Library>Wildnote Library and select the Photo Log Builder
  2. Go to Project Data>Exports>Photo Log Builder
  3. Click
  4. Name your template and select the various design and data parameters for your report. 
  5. You may want to tag a question or two to include with the photos. Use the tag wn-photo-log-gallery. If you've never tagged a question before, learn how to use our tagging feature.
  6. Your photos will now load and you will have the opportunity to select the photos for the report, see the data that you've selected, and update the photo captions (if you are including captions). Feel free to re-adjust your other parameters at this time.
  7. Choose either Save Template or Preview Report
  8. If you are happy with the report, then choose Export to PDF

To see this in action, check out the video below.